Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise: Last Day at Sea

We hit on the one-year anniversary of our Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean cruise and I never finished writing about my experience. So I’m diving back in, just in to time relive what I was doing then through the magic of Facebook Memories.

Saturday was technically our last day of the cruise. I mean, if you’ve ever been on one, you know the real last day starts early and involves being off the boat pretty quickly after that. So, we soaked up Saturday as our last real day.

Our cruise ended with a day at sea, which was the perfect way to cap the week. We could get some sun and relax before heading back to a snow storm at home.

We all seemed to wake up at about 7 a.m. Well, our travel partners were up even earlier because one of them (ahem Katie) has a really weird sleep pattern. We intended to get up early, grab some loungers at Spice H20, which is an adults only section of the ship, and then grab some breakfast. We were successful in obtaining four loungers and left our towels before heading up to the buffet for breakfast.

Spice H20 didn’t have a pool but it was a great place to hang out.
Spice H2O was a place for parties at night throughout the week. They also played the Super Bowl and movies on the big screen at night.

Afterward, we hit the deck and the sun. I spent time writing while the others relaxed in the sun. We spent time moving from our chairs to the bar, to the water fall pool and applying sunscreen. We sat around doing this until about 1 p.m. when we went to O’Sheehan’s for lunch. Then we moved our dinner reservation to a later time so we could spend extra time soaking up the sun.

We returned to our loungers and read, wrote, flipped and drank. We met an older couple from New York, who claim they hate everyone. Except us. They decided they like us and could cruise with us anytime. Not sure what that says about us!

Waterfall pools to cool down in Spice H2O

We hung out at the pool until about 5 p.m. They closed the deck umbrellas and I was feeling sunkissed.

Jacob and I hanging out in Spice H2O

We showered, changed and watched the sunset from our from our balcony. We started to get organized for the next morning. We were still awaiting delivery of our rum and the alcohol we purchased in ports.

It was almost time for dinner and we wanted, well, I wanted to stop by the photo gallery to pick out our pictures for purchase. I will write about this soon because this was my favorite part of the cruise.

We ended up purchasing some Cruise Next rewards, which basically gives us on-board credit to spend on the current cruise and half-off the deposit for another cruise to be used within four years. Planning without a definite “plan” gives me anxiety but I’m sure we’ll use it.

Our final dinner was at Savor, one of the included ship restaurants. On our previous cruise, we ate in a dining room, and this was the same basic idea, but it was divided into restaurants. We all had steak and prime rib and it was very, very good.

Dinner on our final night was at Savor.

I didn’t even have room for dessert, but we got another cake, this time in honor of Katie’s birthday.

Katie’s birthday cake.

After dinner we headed to our room to begin the sad, sad process of packing up our things. While packing, we watched some of the very few rotating shows that we had seen throughout the week. Cruise TV is terrible, but it’s not like you intend to spend lots of time watching TV.

We figured out ways to pack all of our gifts and treasures…it was definitely a challenge.

We stayed up way too late just enjoying the cruise. We fell asleep and woke up at 6 a.m. in Miami.

Miami at 6 a.m. from the cruise ship.

We were on the balcony as we pulled into the port. Strangely, we saw lots and lots of police cars heading in one direction. We later learned there was a rapper shot at a local club.

After cleaning up our rooms, we headed up for breakfast for the final time before disembarkation.

And that is an entire post in itself.