Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise: Cozumel

We hit on the one-year anniversary of our Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean cruise and I never finished writing about my experience. So I’m diving back in, just in to time relive what I was doing then through the magic of Facebook Memories.

My favorite port of them all was the last one: Cozumel, Mexico. However, because it was my favorite, it was also the busiest and I have the most to write about it. I’m going to break it up into two posts, one about the port and the other about our excursion to Dolphinaris.

The Norwegian Getaway, the boat we were on, is the one in the back. It was massive.

In my last post, I mentioned that we decided to walk from the Dolphinaris back to the ship. We had several hours and it was only a few blocks. We figured it would be no big deal.

Let me back up a sec…

Remember how in the last post I said there was an open bar? Well, several members of our group (not me) took advantage of this. And then left the Dolphinaris with drinks in hand. Some of these adventures were probably impacted by those drinks.

Tequila Sunday on a Friday made the day amazing!

As we walked down the street, I stopped in a store to purchase some gifts for people back at home. We had a few things we needed to do before we got back to the boat: Pick up the ring our friend bought at Diamonds International and our friend wanted to get a T-shirt, shot glasses and a bottle of tequila.

We walked passed a store and they had a dress I really liked, but not in my size. I found two other dresses I like and while trying to decide between them, Jacob ended up bargaining with the shop owner and we got both dresses for a really good price.

{A lot happened here. There was a baby goat on a leash walking down the street. We had to find a bathroom and ended up stopping in a bar and sampling several different kinds of tequila to find the one that our friend would ultimately buy at a duty free shop closer to the boat. This was a point in my life where I had never laughed harder. We had so much fun just walking down the street, stopping in shops and having a few drinks along the way. I’m not sharing all the details on purpose. It was just a fun, personal time.}

But you gotta see this baby goat!

We had to get back to Diamonds International to pick up the ring. Our friend Katie had a lot to drink and we decided the guys would go into the shop to pick up the ring and I would keep an eye on Katie outside. She and I were standing on a balcony looking out over the port when Rita, the shopping consultant on the ship, walked up to us.

Earlier in the week, we had stopped into Rita’s shopping seminar, which is how we determined where to make certain purchases in the ports. It was helpful and we got prizes. I recognized her immediately.

She said, “Most women would envy you right now. Your husband is inside the store and he wants to buy you something.”

I had no idea how she knew to find me and she couldn’t mean me. I wasn’t buying jewelry on this trip. I figured maybe Jacob wanted to get some earrings for me or something. I’d been eyeing up tanzanite jewelry since our last cruise, but I had no intention of buying anything–though looking was super fun.

Jacob came out and said he wanted to buy me a ring (I wear rings all the time) and matching earrings since I don’t really have a nice pair. He sent me in the store with Rita to figure out what I wanted. Honestly, it felt like this scene from “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Rita introduced me to a salesman and told them to pull certain sets that she really liked. I tried on various styles and sizes and really felt guilty. Like I’ve said in my post from Costa Maya, there was a sense of guilt on this trip–and now we were spending money I hadn’t intended to spend.

The jeweler showed us the matching earrings, necklace and bracelet to the ring I liked the most. I really faltered. I wasn’t sure this was the best decision. However Katie, Rita and my husband were INSISTENT that I make a decision–and quickly so we could get back to the boat.

While I would have been happy with the memories of the trip, I did select this set:

The set orginally had different earrings and a different necklace chain style, but we swapped some things out, got the ring sized and were on our way to the boat with plenty of time to get tequila, shot glasses and stop at the booth to declare the tax we had paid.

Then, it started POURING.

We had to be back on the ship in a half an hour so Jacob made the decision that I would walk back with our friend Katie and they would finish the tax stuff and meet us at the boat. We got back on the boat and sat near the entrance waiting.

The boat needed everyone on board by 4:30. At 4:27, with no sign of my husband and our friend, I was getting nervous. One of the two gangways was brought in and I thought for sure that a flight home from Cozumel for my husband was in our future.

Just as I was telling security that my husband was still out there, he came running around the corner and I was never so glad to see them.

Leaving Cozumel and that blue, blue water!

We got back to our room and headed out for pre-dinner as we weren’t set to eat until 8:15 p.m. in one of the ships included restaurants.

It ended up being a super relaxed night. Our friends fell asleep early, way before dinner, so Jacob and I went to the buffet and ate by ourselves and spent time sitting on the ship’s deck, taking in the warm ocean air, sipping drinks and then browsing our ship photos. I’ll write more about this soon–as it is my favorite ship activity.

Cozumel was our last port and the next day, we would spend our day at sea.