National Letter Writing Month

National Letter Writing Month starts now!

Two years ago, we were in South Carolina and I was scrolling through Pinterest. Some pin, some picture, something caught my eye. National Letter Writing Month? What the heck was that I don’t care I want in!

I love writing letters. I love getting letters. I love reading letters. To me, they are the most intimate form of communication. When I sit down to write a letter, I am taking the time to think about the recipient, craft my words, write them down and devote the time to address, stamp and get the letter to the post office. I write what I’m thinking about and dreaming about. I see writing letters as the opportunity to say things that you can’t say face-to-face.

And April is an entire month devoted to doing just that!

I set the personal goal of writing 30 letters in 30 days, but any level of participation is acceptable. I know one of the biggest hurdles that participants face is what to write about. I’m here to help with that. I’m offering up 30 writing prompts and ideas. Use some, use none, use them all. I just want to offer you assistance, should you need it.

I’ll also post throughout the month with pictures of my letters, my status and other tips, tricks and information. So stay tuned. You can also check out my snippets on Instagram.

National Letter Writing Month Prompts 2017

  1. stack-letters-447579_1920Tell someone you love them
  2. Send a letter in a fancy folded envelope (Click to see an example)  
  3. Mail a self addressed stamped postcard to a friend and ask them to write back
  4. Conduct an interview via letter
  5. Send a letter on something other than paper
  6. Try a pocket letter (Click to see an example)
  7. Write a letter on a puzzle
  8. Send an envelop full of small letters. Cut out shapes and write small notes on each.
  9. Write a letter describing the weather
  10. Send a letter telling someone a secret
  11. Send someone your favorite quote or Bible verse
  12. Send a day-in-the-life letter. Tell someone what you did all day.
  13. Mail a letter with your favorite picture
  14. Write a letter and leave it for a stranger to find
  15. Write a letter on something other than paper
  16. Write a letter completely in questions
  17. Write a letter to someone younger than 15
  18. Write a letter to someone older than 70
  19. Write to someone about a conversation you overheard
  20. Make your own postcard and send it to a friend
  21. Draw a picture of the perfect garden and send it to a friend who likes to grow things
  22. Write a letter asking questions with check boxes that the recipient can return. To make it easier, include a self-addressed stamped envelope
  23. Write a letter to a neighbor
  24. Mail a letter to someone out of the country
  25. Write a card celebrating a strange holiday. Check our some weird holidays at the National Day Calendar website.
  26. Send a get well note to someone who is in the hospital or sick
  27. Send someone an article, comic or picture that made you think of them
  28. Send a thank you note to a current or former teacher. This counts as yoga teachers, dance teachers, etc.
  29. Write a letter to the mail carrier
  30. Send fan mail to your favorite author, musician or actor..maybe it’ll be a Disney character