National Letter Writing Month

National Letter Writing Month begins April 1

Are you ready?

I am.

I’m so excited for National Letter Writing Month. Like the last several years, I plan to write 30 letters in 30 days and I’m trying to help everyone send at least one letter this year.

Every year, I commit to sending a letter a day for every day in April. I’ve come up with a series of 30 prompts that can help ANYONE start out their letter-writing journey. I pick some of the best from previous years and I’ve come up with some new ones–all designed to help anyone stretch their writing muscles.

I use these as a guide, but I never pre-determine who I will write to or what I will write about. I’m starting just as fresh as anyone else.

So, what are the 2019 National Letter Writing Month writing prompts from Finding My Blog? Here we go:

  1. Write a letter to your oldest relative–Do you have a living grandparent? A great-aunt or uncle? Maybe your parent is your oldest living relative. Whatever the case, drop them a line this April.
  2. Write a letter to your youngest relative–Even if your youngest relative is a newborn, send them a letter and let them know you care.
  3. Write your letter on index cards or Post-It notes. It’s super fun to open en envelope stuffed with smaller notes. I’ve even taken all of the of the smaller letters and taped them to one piece of paper.
  4. Write a letter on something other than paper. My favorite? Last year I made a mix-CD for a friend and wrote my letter on the face of the CD. So fun!
  5. Write a letter to someone studying away from home. Do you know someone in college or studying abroad? Send them a note this month!
  6. Write a letter praising a company for their product. I’m considering writing to Oh Snap! to thank them for their little Dilly Bites. No road trip is the same without them!
  7. Write a book recommendation to a friend who enjoys reading as much as you do! Maybe you read a book that surprised you. Maybe you just got around to reading a classic. Whatever the case, share your review of the book with a friend.
  8. Write a letter on a packing tape postcard. This is a new one for me, but I think you could get super creative with this letter. What is a packing tape postcard? Check out more information from Angry Chicken.
  9. Write a letter and decorate the envelope. Break out the stickers, markers or even the stamps and make the envelope a work of art.
  10. Write a letter and include a magazine or newspaper article. Bonus points if it’s from an actual magazine or newspaper and not something printed from an online article.
  11. Write a letter and tell a story in pictures. Think expanded comic or a graphic novel. Get fancy and use colored pencils or markers to give it some dimension.
  12. Write a letter to a neighbor. You might think you know the people next door, but send them a letter and strengthen your relationship.
  13. Write a letter and tell the recipient three happy things that happened on that day.
  14. Write a letter on a postcard from your hometown. This might take a little digging. Find a postcard from the town you live and send it to a friend. Maybe use it to tell them what you like about where you live.
  15. Write a letter to someone and tell them about your favorite vacation. I’ve had so many memorable trips that it’ll be tough to pick just one!
  16. Write a letter about something you didn’t like at first, but now you do. Maybe you hated the show “This is Us,” but now it’s your favorite Tuesday evening program. Maybe you grew up hating tomatoes, but now you can’t get enough. Tell a friend all about it. Then tell me!
  17. Write a letter encouraging someone. Whether it’s just to tell them to power through the day or to pray for their strength in a troubling situation.
  18. Write a letter on stationery you made. Can you make paper? What about decorating a card? Whatever the means, make the stationery personal and send it to a friend with a hand-written note.
  19. Write a letter outside. Use the letter to describe what you see, hear and feel around you as you write that note.
  20. Write a letter with a picture you colored. Whether you hand-draw a work of art or use a child’s coloring book, include your masterpiece in a letter you write.
  21. Write a letter to say thank you. If someone made an impact on your life, gave you a gift or just provides you with a meaningful friendship, drop them a line and say thanks!
  22. Write a letter celebrating a weird holiday. I like to get mine from National Day  April has holidays like Jeep 4×4 Day and National Deep Dish Pizza Day. What holiday will you mark?
  23. Write a letter and include your favorite Bible verse or quote. Share it with a friend or family member and tell them why you love it.
  24. Write a letter to someone outside the USA. Be sure to check the postage because it costs a little extra to go overseas.
  25. Write a letter for a stranger to find. Leave it in a restaurant or on the copier at a library…pick a place where someone you don’t know will find your note .
  26. Write a letter and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Maybe you’ll get a response that you otherwise would not have.
  27. Write a letter about why you write letters.
  28. Write a letter and include a completed CURRENTLY I AM list. This looks like fun!
  29. Write a letter to someone graduating. If you know someone graduating from college, high school, kindergarten or preschool, send them a note acknowledging their accomplishment.
  30. Write a letter to an author. Pick a book and send a letter via snail mail to an author telling them what you thought about their book.

That’s it! Before you know it, you’ll be a letter-writing machine and the month will be over. You’ll love it so much that you’ll want to keep going! At least that’s my hope! I want to see what you are writing. Tag me on a social media channel or comment below so I can experience National Letter Writing Month through you too!