Around the House Parenting

My daughters are ninjas-in-training

Using crepe paper streamers, I created a ninja playground.
Using crepe paper streamers, I created a ninja playground.

It has been a long winter.

In fact, this last week, in March, we had another snow day. Another. Meaning we have had multiple snow days. After Christmas, the kids had about three snow days in a row.. The next week, a few more. And some of those weren’t snow days but rather days where it was about 20 degrees below zero before the wind chill and the kids could not go outside and play It has been tough to find enough things for the kids to do inside the house. We really had to get creative.

By the time one rolled around in February, I was a pro. Well, not really, but I had a list of activities to get us through the day.

I found some crepe paper in the basement and decided we were never going to use it for it’s original intent of decorating a party, mostly because it was black, and I used it to make a ninja training course in our hallway.

I used pretty much the entire roll to create zig-zags up and down our hallway that they had to climb over, scoot under, wind and weave their way through.

I used just everyday tape (the matte finish-I feel like the glossy sticks too much to the walls) and the roll of crepe paper and voila. Just tape one end to one wall and the other to an adjacent wall, vary the height and vary the spacing and you have quite the obstacle course.

I put multiple strips up so that way if my kids knocked one down, it didn’t rip all the others down with it.

I know from personal experience how difficult this was to get through. I made it and then realized that I was on the far side and had to climb over it to get out. Lesson learned: I’m not as agile as I’d like to be.

When the weekend is rainy, the temps are too high or too low or rain has left your yard a mucky mess, just find some yarn, crepe paper, ribbon or whatever you  can and make your little ninja a place to practice his or her skills.