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My Canon D10 is even cooler

Click the photo to see more of my pieced-together panoramic shots courtesy of my Canon D10.
Click the photo to see more of my pieced-together panoramic shots courtesy of my Canon D10.

So we all know I love my Canon D10 that we purchased before our cruise last year. However, it just got a little cooler.

I knew my camera had a panoramic feature, but I hadn’t really read the manual. By the time I had a few minutes to sit down and really play with the feature, I realized I could no find my software disc anywhere. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue. I’d just import all of the pictures into Photoshop and piece them together myself. It didn’t seem to be that easy.

I looked all over Canon’s site for a download of the software but found nothing.

I wrote in to technical support only to find out this wasn’t something I could get online.

I tried generic software.

I e-mailed technical support again. They suggested I call the replacement part hotline. Seeing as how I knew I’d have to pay something, I put it off. But finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I spent the $20 (I know!!!) and got the replacement CD. While I have yet to get it to work on my Mac, I have used it on my PC and I think the PhotoStitch function is pretty darn cool.

I took many of these panoramic shots in Washington, D.C. when I was there for a conference in October. Being able to piece together pictures meant being able to see the Vietnam Memorial in one picture, without it being ridiculously tiny. Or showing the Washington Monument from much closer.

While I could probably do my own panoramic shots and use Photoshop to put them together into something cool, but this is an easy, fun way to make pictures a little different.

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