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Mommy’s makeover–sort of

Last September, our local radio station, 96.3 WDVD, had teamed with up Diet Pepsi for a Woman of the Week contest. Basically, you could enter this contest and then you con your friends into going onto their website and voting for you. Apparently I have a lot of friends. They all voted and I won.

Actually, the story of winning was kind of funny.

I received an e-mail from the radio’s promotions department the day before the contest ended and told me that I might be getting a call from the morning show the next day. If I won, I’d get the call. If not, no call. She gave me a time frame window. I hadn’t received the call, so I assumed I was out. But I was so thankful for everyone who voted for me.

I was actually at my OB/GYN for my annual appointment. They took me back in the room, told me to get undressed and then my phone rang. So there I was sitting wrapped in a paper gown on the table in the OB’s office trying to quietly talk on the radio. It was so surreal. Being on the radio was surreal to begin with. Doing it while I was sitting butt naked on a doctor’s office table was even weirder.

From the contest, I won a gift certificate for a house cleaning, a gift card to a local fancy restaurant, a spa package.

I never got around to using the house cleaning (from Lisa’s Domestic Divas) one and it expired. I just couldn’t make it work with my schedule and the holidays. It’s a real bummer because I was hoping for a refresh of my house, but such is life. I used the restaurant card (to an Andiamo restaurant) on New Year’s Eve when we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday in style. The spa gift card, well, I think I was hanging on to it. I liked knowing that a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage and spray tan were coming my way. I figured I’d use it when I really felt like I needed a break.

The problem with me is that I don’t know when that is.

But last week was the perfect time to use it. My work decided to close before the Fourth of July holiday, but we were taking a vacation AFTER the holiday. I didn’t know my work’s holiday schedule with enough notice to get my kids out of day care without having to pay (I have to give two-weeks notice) so my kids would be able to go there. And my husband was out of town for work. It seemed like the best opportunity, plus the gift card is going to expire in September.

It was to Plastic Surgery Arts and Spa, which is sort of near my house, but not really. I called several week ago and told them I had the gift certificate and my goal was to use all of the services in one day. The receptionist told me she would call me back. A week later, I hadn’t heard anything. I called again and left a message (it was after hours) and the receptionist returned my call promptly the next morning.

She explained that getting the spray tan after the massage, facial or mani/pedi wouldn’t work out because of the oils. Understandable. So we decided to do the facial and mani/pedi. She was able to accomodate my request for the day I had with no obligations.

I took a morning appointment and after arriving, I was promptly taken back by Angela for my mani/pedi. She was a delight. Seriously. We had good conversation, a lot in common and I actually started following her on Pinterest after that. She does hair as well and I’m thinking I might go back to her for those services as well, so that was cool. Both the mani and the pedi were fantastic. I loved the color I picked, too. She suggested I might want to spring for the shellac, but I opted not to because I bite my nails. And we were going camping a few days after so I didn’t want to invest in something like that.

After Angela was done with me, Jennett took over. She was doing my facial. I had never had a facial so I was a little nervous, but she was fantastic. I didn’t know if I should engage her in conversation or just lie still. She told me just to relax, which I did. It was so calming and nice. She worked on my skin and did a bit of microderm abrasion (some of which ended up in my mouth and felt gritty all day–clearly I did something wrong). She gave me some tips for my skin in the future. My skin felt so awesome and clean afterward. I definitely need to make it a point to have more facials. I had always thought it was putting on a mask and hanging out while it hardend, but that wasn’t it at all. And she made me feel so much better about my skin. She also confirmed what I am doing with the Therapon products was the right step.

Once I was done, I checked out, trying to tip what I thought was appropriate (I have no idea) and was sent out with the remaining services still on my gift certificate that I can use at any point. Well, before September.

It was such a great mommy morning. I need to remember that feeling and try to indulge more often!

Aside from winning the gift card, I was not compensated for this post in any way shape or form. All of the opinions expressed herein are my own!

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