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MOMcon 2014 God was there

20141004_094617Has God ever spoken to you? I don’t mean like sent an angel or opened up the Heavens because if that happened, whoa. I mean you heart was open, you were listening and BAM, there it was? It was MOMCon 2014 God was there. It happened right in the middle of a talk and it was moving.

The theme for MOMcon this year was Be You, Bravely. Reach out and do something outside of your box. Wear red lipstick, take that dance class, be present in a way you haven’t before.

Before a session, a friend who was there had divulged her brave to me. She didn’t know how or why but she felt moved to work on this area of her life. And then, later that day, Shauna Niequist, one of the speakers, spoke directly to her about that very same topic.

Afterward, she cried and told me that she opened her heart and there He was. Right there up on stage at MOMcon telling her exactly why she was moved and exactly what to do.

So what was it?


We need them. Whether we thing so or not, we need girlfriends to laugh with, cry with, call in the middle of the night when we need to go to the hospital for whatever reason. We need someone to walk with us in the rain in downtown Louisville when we just need a drink. We need girl friends.

On the behalf of God, we serve as friends,” Niequist said. “Someone you love is going under–you serve on God’s behalf and remind them they are not alone.”

Friendships — really deep friendships — are a money in the bank. They are our cheerleaders, our support system and something that we instinctively need. But we as women ruin it more times than not with our comparisons and our need to portray the perfect Facebook image.

Life is “about what God has given you, not the person to your left or to the right, but only to you.” Niequist said. “The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence–it is greener where you water it.”

She reminded us that instead of competing with our friends over our kids successes or our marriages, we need to cultivate that areas that mean a lot to us. We need to invest deeply in our marriage, in our family and in our house.

“No marriage will improve if you think of all the things he is not,” Niequist said.

She also provided these words of wisdom for cultivating the necessary friendships.

  • Use social media wisely. 
  • User technology to connect not compare.
  • Don’t just do for your friends, be with them.
  • Set a consistent schedule to connect with your friends.
  • Go one level deeper. Cry together, be together and do not be afraid of conflict.

“Create a space in a friendship to see someone at their worst, build something durable.” Niequist said.

Not to mention, we are the best example for our children of how friendship should work. If they think it’s all about competition or all about collecting as many friends as possible without hitting the next level of connection, what good does it do?

This is God’s work. This is God talking. Will you listen?