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Minty ice cream approved by (my) leprechauns

Tasty St. Patrick's Day treat courtesy of my new ice cream maker.

Over the weekend, I really wanted to buy an ice cream maker. It’s completely impractical and unnecessary, but I had the desire to get one. Saturday, while I was at Target, I saw one on clearance and decided it was fate. So, for St. Patrick’s Day, I had to come up with a tasty, frozen treat!

I wanted something healthy and I wanted it to be ice cream, so I decided to make up my own recipe for yogurt-Thin Mint cookie-green cold treats.

So what did I use:

  • Dannon’s Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
  • Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
  • Green food coloring
  • My new ice cream maker
  • Food processor (but this probably wasn’t necessary)
To start things out, I put the yogurt into the ice cream maker and let it go for about five or six minutes, until it was frozen and soft-serve style. While that was spinning, I used the food processor to pulverize the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.
Once the yogurt had come to a nice consistency, I added the cookies to the ice cream and ran the ice cream maker for a few more minutes to make sure they were all mixed in.
For good measure, I added some green food coloring.
I gave some to my older daughter to taste and she didn’t like it. She’s not a huge fan of yogurt to begin with and the Dannon Light and Fit is a little sweeter than most. However, my younger daughter loved it–but she loves yogurt. To me, these reminded me to the grasshopper yogurts that I found at Kroger a while back, except frozen. They are a delicious low-cal treat.
In the future, I might make it with plain yogurt, that might help my older daughter accept the flavor.
I am very excited about the possibilities of the homemade ice cream makers. Do you have any healthy ice cream recipes to share?

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