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Memories of the way they were

Ashlynn milking the cow.
Preschool gave my daughter so many new experiences, like milking a cow.

These days, you go to any preschool event and just about every mother pulls out her phone and is snapping away at the cuteness. But we can’t do that when the kids are in the classroom. However, my daughter’s teachers did what they could to resolve that. At the beginning of the year, they collected disposable cameras from us and took pictures throughout the year.

The teachers returned the cameras last week and my daughter and I were so excited to see the results we ran right to a one-hour photo place (note: not that easy to find anymore) and had it developed.

The adorableness was overwhelming. My daughter built a huge castle of blocks by herself. She celebrated her fourth birthday with her friends. She helped paint a giant elephant picture. She liked to dress up as a chef.

I never would have know that sort of stuff about her without those pictures.

For those memories, I am forever grateful to her teachers.

Her and I are trying to decide exactly what to do with them. Scrapbook? Photo album? Store them digitally? All of the above? It’s made such a cool process and project that her and I are going to get to go through together. We are talking about all of the photos, what she was doing, etc., I plan to write that all on the back.

It’s so neat to see the person she has become over the last year. While I would normally say that I can’t wait to see who she will become, I can’t believe that after tomorrow, my little girl will be considered a KINDERGARTENER! How did that happen?!