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Memorial Day shopping guilt

I feel guilty shopping on US holidays.
I have Memorial Day shopping guilt.

I will be the first to admit that I shopped yesterday. I really should have no shame in this, but I do. Mostly because I spent way too much money at Target, but also because I shopped. On Memorial Day. And I hate myself for it.

I’m glad the stores were open. Saturday my youngest came down with a super angry tummy and Sunday I sort of followed suit. Groceries and diapers had to be purchased. Plus we were running low on some staple items and I needed some teacher baskets for the end of the preschool year. I had no choice but run out to the store, on Memorial Day.

I have to believe that one of the downfalls of working retail is that you have to work all of the holidays that the rest of us get off. The days that we rush the stores looking for steals and deals. How can the employees truly respect the holiday for what it is when they are being forced to contribute to corporate greed?

When we go camping over holiday weekends, a lot of the small family-owned little shops are often closed. Sometimes it’s annoying because I’m there and I want to buy stuff, but I have utter respect for people who have the guts to close down their stores in honor of Memorial Day or Labor Day or New Years Day. Bravo. It shows, to me, the ultimate respect in the sanctity of the meaning of the holiday and not just opportunity to have a “sale” yet another day of the year.

So kudos to those who closed their doors and risked the profit loss to honor our veterans. I salute you.