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Magic Moments prints i-photos on demand

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While my Droid X takes okay photos, my husband’s iPhone seems to rival some of the point-and-shoots out there. He uses it for photos and videos and then they hide in the phone. It’s easy to share those phone photos, but it’s not easy to do anything with them–like print them or even turn them into fun projects.

However, Detroit-based Magic Moments is looking to chance that.

Trevor George grew up in the digital printing business. He father own a company that printed t-shirts on demand.

“We get the order and print it and sell them. We can print any design on any color t-shirt at the press of a button,” George said. While he spent most of his life so far in the warehouse, he had an idea that moved him to the position of creator of Magic Moments.

“The rise of the high megapixels in iPhones, people have become amature iPhoneographers. Some people can take some really beautiful pictures,” said George.

The concept is simple, take a photo of…well, anything…with your iPhone or iPad or even your iPod Touch. Upload it to Magic Moments and create your own…well, anything.

With the click of a button, you can take a picture of you brand new baby and have it printed on a mug and sent to the homes of the baby’s grandparents. In just a few quick steps, you can turn that picture you took at a concert into a t-shirt that will arrive on your doorstep in no time.

“It’s really a friction-less process,” George said. “In the heat of the moment–in that magic moment–with just a couple of clicks, you can make your products. Magic Moments simplifies that process.”

From an iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store and search for Magic Moments. Select a photo you’ve taken with your device and upload it to Magic Moments. Put that photo on one of 18 products available and have it shipped to you or sent to a third party. Products include picture frames, prints, posters, canvases, bags, mugs and soon more items will be available.

photo 3 (1) finished product. Literally. Photos courtesy of Magic Moments.

Orders will be printed and shipped–usually arriving within 5-10 business days.

Photos should be more than 150 dots-per-inch and Magic Moments does have software in place to monitor a photos size and make sure the quality of the photo matches how it is going to be printed.

But that’s not all this app does. Users can also earn money! First, by setting up photos for public consumption, others browsing the Magic Moments app have the opportunity to buy prints or products with your image, and you earn 5 percent of the sales.

Then, users who share their photos through the Magic Board, can encourage votes through Facebook and Twitter. The most comments, likes and retweets at the end of the month will earn the photographer cash.

While users can upload photos of just about anything, be aware of copyrighted materials. Right now, Magic Moments is manually monitoring wach t-shirt, mug or other order that comes in. For the most part, as long as the photo isn’t just of a logo, it’s probably okay. In the future, the less-than-two-month-old company is hoping to expand to an automatic approval process for the checking the photos for copyright violations.

And that isn’t all. Magic Moments is also hoping to add an Android app.

Disclosure: This is purely informational. I was NOT provided with any products or services from Magic Moments.