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Lucious plant wreath

My potted plant wreath

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. It seems to be my inspiration lately. I find something I like and I HAVE to make it. This potted plant wreath was no different.

The supplies for this were pretty simple: Little pots, a wire wreath frame, 12 gauge wire, wire snips and plants.

I started out at Joann Fabrics and picked up the pots, wreath frame and wire for pretty cheap. As I mentioned in my post about Detroit’s Eastern Market, I picked up a bunch of little, ground-cover type plants such as Hen and Chickens and some others that I don’t really know the name of.

First, I connected the pots to the wreath frame. Using the hole in the underside of the pot, I looped the wire through the pot, around the wreath frame and twisted the wire around the wreath frame several times to give it some stability.

I turned the pots every which way to create something unique and different. You could use different sized pots, or all one size, which I did.

pot wreath
Close-up of the potted plant wreath.

Once the pots are on the wreath frame, it will be heavy. But wait until the plants are in place.

I pretty easily potted the plants into the small terra cotta pots. You could also use small plastic pots…even better you could spray paint them in all sorts of cool colors and make this a really colorful, vibrant wreath.

This could certainly be hung up around your house, probably outside as it will need water and the water will leak out of the bottom. I decided to put the potted plant wreath on the pallet table my husband made for me for Mother’s Day. It provides a bit of décor to a really boring patio!