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Living in chaos

I’m a neat freak. A neat freak with OCD. So it’s pretty darn tough for me to continue living the way we have been.

My husband got me the best Christmas/birthday gift: a new bedroom set that we designed together and he is building. Since just before Christmas, the bed frame, headboard and side cabinets have been built, but sitting in our garage waiting for paint, which can only happen after the weather gets a little warmer. In order to speed the process along, we decided to relocate our current bedroom set into our daughters’ rooms, where we had intended them to go, and paint the room after a little drywall work.

Well then pneumonia happened. My husband just seems prone two it.

So here we are, two weeks later, and our room looks just the same as it did when we started. And it’s driving me crazy.

Thankfully we can still sleep in our bed, but our room is a construction site!
Aside from our bed, there is no furniture in our bedroom.
While we paint and move things around, our dresser close have been relocated to the two-year-old's bedroom. It's interesting to dig stuff out of plastic bins in the morning.

I’ll keep you in the loop as our progress continues! I’m hoping this weekend will be one of great progress, but we’ll see!