Little Free Library

Little Free Library wouldn’t work on my street

This is my street.
This is my street.

This is my street.

You’ll note the lack of pavement or sidewalks. The houses aren’t super close together. It’s basically the anti-Little Free Library environment.

Even as I considered having a Little Free Library, I knew this wasn’t the place. Anyone walking down our road is too busy dodging giant potholes and watching out for crazy speeding drivers to notice anything in my front yard, even if there is a giant neon-lit sign pointing to it. There isn’t a school nearby, or even a park, that would help increase traffic to the library. So, I needed another plan.

Light bulb.

A mobile library. One that we can take camping, one that can be in my front yard, one that can be where it is most convenient. I began brainstorming. Taking books in my camper means spreading our love of reading to people from all different parts of the country. Wouldn’t it be fun to track who picked up books, who added some to the stack and what everyone thought of what they read?

I knew it needed to be small. Space is at a minimum in a camper, so compact is best. I originally considered a mailbox or an old camper oven. I started looking for small decorative cupboards. Nothing was piquing my interest.

Until I saw this:

That’s right. What better than a camper-shaped Little Free Library to take with me when I camp! So, what does it look like? Where did I get my plans?

Well, that’s coming up. For now, find a Little Free Library near you and check out a book.