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Little Free Library: My obsession begins

The baby was actually asleep so we just kept driving around. After a day walking around Charleston during our spring break vacation, she was exhausted and needed to nap. As we made our way around Sullivan’s Island, just looking at houses and exploring the area, I spotted a little house by the edge of someone’s yard. It all happened so quickly. However, thanks to the napping baby, I saw my first Little Free Library and the wheels of motion began to work. Now, I’m starting my own.

The Little Free Library we came across that day was the Bunker Hill Little Free Library, which is very active and gets some major press. Of course, we didn’t know that at the time.

The Bunker Hill Little Free Library (courtesy of the Bunker Hill LFL Facebook page)

I knew immediately that the box was a Little Free Library thanks to my love affair with Pinterest. I had seen pictures as I scrolled down the “everything” page of pins. These little boxes were designed to be “take a book, leave a book” boxes that people placed in area where others might benefit from the books. Bunker Hill LFL caters to the beach crowd that comes to relax in the sand on Sullivan’s Island.

After our child had slept a fair amount of time, we returned to our campsite and I immediately starting running up our mobile data checking out Little Free Libraries. I needed to know everything. How do they work? Where are they located? Do people actually visit them? And most importantly: how can I have one?

I explained to my husband the concept and that I wanted one. He smiles his “okay dear, sure” smile and I knew he was really thinking “this idea will never take off in our neighborhood.” And he’s probably right. That didn’t stop me. I kept researching and researching. I wanted the little box outside of my house…the one stocked with book. The one that people mozied over to just to see what books had been added. One with a following like the Bunker Hill Library.

Now I embark on making that happen.

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