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Kroger brand Greek Yogurt vs. the national brand

Comparing Yoplait to Kroger yogurt.
Comparing Yoplait to Kroger yogurt.

We are a house divided! I grew up on store-brand food, my husband had a lot of name-brand stuff. He believes you can tell a difference in the taste and quality. While I think some things have a different, I think the difference in price far exceeds the disparity in taste. When I received a Buzz opportunity for Kroger Greek yogurt, I knew I had to do a comparison.

I selected the Yoplait Greek 100 calorie yogurt in peach to compare with the Kroger Greek Lite, also in peach. There wasn’t too much difference in the nutritional value. The Yoplait came in just 10 calories higher, though when you are counting calories, those 10 can really factor into it.

Yoplait didn’t specifically say Lite like the Kroger brand, but after looking over all of the yogurt, I concluded this must be the light version.

I cracked them both open to get a look and a taste at the same time. As you can see from the pictures, the Yoplait had a different color (whiter) and a different consistency. I’ve looked all over the package and neither said fruit on the bottom. However, the Yoplait yogurt had more peaches in it. I think I had one in the Kroger brand. Both had an equal amount of peachy flavor. And they both tasted like peach.

There was quite a difference in price. While I don’t remember exactly what they were changing, the Kroger yogurts are usually four for $5 or something similar. Upon returning to the store this week, I did purchase four more of the Kroger variety. The Yoplait tasted good too, but again, I’d rather save the money and have a pretty similar taste experience than pay for the brand name.

Just the fine print–this was a Buzz Agent campaign. I was given free samples of the Kroger yogurt and coupons to hand out.