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Keeping Track of Growth

All of my daughters at 7 months
All of my daughters at 7 months

My youngest is now 7 months old. We are through the newborn stage and moving on to toddlerhood. Every month, on her birthday, I pause to remember what her sisters were like at that same age.

Up until now, the youngest has been the middle size-wise. She was born at 7 lbs 5 oz and her older sisters were 6 lbs 15 oz and 7 lbs 11 oz respectively. In December, the littlest sister almost edged out my middle daughter for the top spot. Now at seven months, all bets are off.

The oldest daughter moved to the top spot with the middle falling to second and the baby weighing in the third spot.

I started to think about their lives as little babies and what would have led to that disparity. Well, at six months, I moved the oldest to formula. Within that month, she really put on the weight. In addition, she had been doing solids for a few months and was really getting the hang of it.

Madison, in the middle, started solids at 4 months and was pretty good at it right from the beginning. In the early months, I often supplemented with formula for the night feedings. At five months, I stopped doing that. Her diet was completely breastmilk and solids.

Kaelynn didn’t start solids until she was almost six months. She’s not been supplemented much at all since we were in the hospital. She’s only been getting a little bit of solids every day as she is just not that good at it.

They are all hitting relatively the same milestones at the same times. It’s interesting to see where they started and where they ended up.

The sad part was that this is the first month since our dog died that I wasn’t able to take her picture with him. I would take a picture of each baby with her sticker on her belly followed by one with the dog to show growth. This month, it’s just a sticker picture.

We miss him.

So, how do you keep track of your child’s growth?

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