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Keeping the germs off the Norwegian Sun

There are nearly 2,000 cruisers on on the Norwegian Sun at any given time. With that number of people in one space, it would be easy for one small cold, stomach virus or something even more serious to latch on to passengers and get out of control. Norwegian Cruise had a cute way to try to control this serious potential. I introduce you to “Washy, washy. Happy, Happy.”

Let me introduce you to Zadine. I saw her everywhere. Well, her and a crew. See that spray bottle she’s holding? That was the antibacterial hand cleaner. The first time I saw her: on the gangway to the ship as we were embarking. She was spraying us down from the start!

Norwegian also had her (or other crew members) stationed at the door of every included restaurant. The would remind us to “washy, washy!” They were also at the gangway of the ship as we returned from any excursion off of the ship.

In addition, throughout the ship, there were antibacterial hand gel bubbles on stands. These were also at the door of every restaurant on board, in the elevators and in many other public areas. These bubbles had notes on them at antibacterial hand gel was not a replacement for washing hands with soap and water. However, I’m sure that having these helped keep down some of the germs.

In all of the public bathrooms there were reminders to wash our hands before leaving. There were also signs on all of the bathroom doors asking guests to use a paper towel to open the door.

It’s got to be challenging to keep 2,000 people plus the crew safe from germs. While the cruise line does screen you prior to getting on the ship, they can’t prevent people from lying or getting sick while on board. It happens. With these steps in place, they are helping to protect all of the other passengers from picking it up and spreading it around too.