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Jump starting weight loss with a cruise spa service

This cruise was a vacation for us and a time that we were doing things we might not do or have time for at home, you know, things like sleeping, reading and pampering ourselves. As such, we decided to splurge on spa services, including the Ionithermie treatment at the Mandara Spa on the Norwegian Sun. It certainly wasn’t worth the money. They claim I lost inches, but the $200 results certainly didn’t last.

I opted to get the Ionithermie during our first day sea day, which was Monday, Nov. 7. Joann, who did my treatment, was happy, perky and amazing despite the long days the spa staff work on the ship. Given the night before and the rough seas we experience, Joann was professional and chipper. Most people could have been tired and still feeling the effects of the ship that moved most nights.

After being put in the relaxation area to fill out some paperwork, Joann took me back to an inside room to perform the treatment. After some consultation, Joann instructed me to change into some mesh panties, reminiscent of those I wore shortly after childbirth.

She rubbed me down with a coarse brush, coated me with some liquid from an ampule that was supposed to help break down fat cells under the skin. While I looked at some pictures of body make-up, Joann mixed up the clay substance, spread it on the bed cushion and got the electrode ready for me.

I climbed into the middle of the mud bed and she proceeded to cover me in the clay. She placed additional electrodes on my body and then covered me with a towel. She started the electric stimulation machine and I started to to feel a tingly sensation in my thighs, hips, butt and stomach (the areas she was targeting). As she turned up the intensity, the feeling of my muscles contracting and relaxing grew stronger. While I thought the half-hour I was spending on this machine would quickly become annoying and uncomfortable, it didn’t. I actually had her turn up the intensity several times.

Once I was done and cleaned up, she took my measurements again and it should I had lost 10 inches total, with most of those coming form my stomach. I tried to determine if maybe she was pulling the tape measure tighter or not measuring in exactly the same location because I just didn’t feel or look like I had lost anything.

My husband couldn’t tell a difference either.

I had specifically done the treatment on that day so that I could enjoy the fruits of my labor for the rest of the trip, but really, I couldn’t tell a difference.

I was really hoping that the procedure would help jumpstart some of the lose I had been expecting to see as I prepared for the cruise through my pre-cruise diet and workout routine, but it didn’t. Maybe I didn’t time it right. Maybe I should have done it at the end of the cruise. Maybe I ate too much on the cruise. Maybe I was being to critical.

This was one of my gripes with the trip. I feel like we wasted too much money on this spa service. I would never spend that kind of money on a spa service at home. It took much convincing from my husband and the spa staff that this was the treatment for me and that I was worth it–that spending $200 on a spa service like this was worth it. Not to much. I feel bad that my husband and I wasted money we could have spent somewhere else, like at the bar.

I knew we had a couples massage later in the week so I didn’t want to complain but I really wanted to. I wanted to explain to the staff that I just didn’t feel this service was worth the money. I work hard for my money, and my vacation time, and it really feels so awful to feel like any of it has been wasted.

Joann was great. Our services later in the week were great. This service was a waste. Unless you are into spending lots of money on something that doesn’t seem to do much, try the Ionithermie service.