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January Book of the Month: Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up?

Did you see it coming?

Did you see how that relationship was going to end?

Looking back and re-reading, I can see that Ed was trying to stall Min from going to the florist, but at the time, even my thoughts were scrambled, much like Min’s. Why was the florist calling her Annette? Was this from a while ago? Maybe Annette was just the last girl that Ed gave flowers to. Maybe that’s why the name rang with the florist. But he was familiar with Ed. That was sort of weird.

And then the card.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Is that why Annette was so accepting of Min? She knew that Min was just a conquest? Notice the card never said “I love you,” which is something that Ed did say to Min. Maybe Ed couldn’t love Annette but she gave him something else. And she was part of his crowd.

For Ed to tell Min that he never said they were exclusive was pretty low, because it was mostly implied.

The end of the relationship seemed strange, but I think it’s pretty typical of high school romances. They are fleeting. One sign of trouble and the fragility of the relationship starts to show it’s cracks. They will break up on a whim. They will fall madly in love in a few days. I guess in this case, it led to true love for Min in Al.

So, do you think Min and Al got together right away and stayed together? What do you think would happen if there was another act to this story?