Multiple colors of different invisible ink pens
Mail National Letter Writing Month

Invisible letters-National Letter Writing Month

A few years ago, my oldest daughter saw an invisible ink pen at the school book fair. She wanted it and she had the money to spend, so she bought it. When she got home, her sisters wanted one, too.

I found that I could get a bunch of the pens on Amazon for a whole lot less than we paid for that first pen at the book fair. So, I ordered a bunch of them.

Writing in Invisible Ink

We’ve written plenty of notes in invisible ink to each other, but a few years ago, I got an idea. What if I bought a bunch of pens and we sent them to friends so they could read these invisible letters?

I’m not sure of the “technology” behind the invisible ink pens. All I know is that it writes virtually invisibly, and the top is a little black light that makes it appear.

I’ve looked up concoctions on Pinterest for making our own invisible ink, but that just aren’t worth it. It involves a lot of work and then a lot of work to read them. These pens are way easier.

Let’s See It

20200412_183649 from Rebecca Wyatt Thomas on Vimeo.

It’s really fun to write letters in an unusual way and send them to friends. Plus, then you can continue writing letters back and forth in invisible ink!