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In the words of the great Tina Fey…


Yes, blorft.

Stress. Photo credit to

As you know, I recently read her book, “Bossypants” and really enjoyed it. In the book, Tiny Fey introduces the word blorft, which is her word for overwhelmed, stressed out, etc. It’s basically what I am feeling right now, but my brain is just too tired to act on it.


Blorft is something that happens when you decide to take a family vacation onto the far side of a work conference just two weeks after your husband has surgery. Yes, that is what we are doing and now, I am blorft.

Mostly because this conference is actually not a conference at all. In fact, it’s called an unconference. It’s a chance for all of the users of this particular product to come together and exchange ideas and help each other through issues we might be facing. I’ve been working on one project that I really want to take to this conference so I have three weeks, or slightly less, to finish it up. I’m pretty sure I can get it done, but that’s assuming nothing more pressing comes up.


I will spent three days at the conference before my husband, daughters and mother-in-law make their way out to pick me up so we can begin a week-long family vacation on the East Coast, which will be out first time in that area. Because my husband will be having surgery on July 15, more on that later, we have decided to stay with family that lives in the area we plan to visit rather than pulling out camper out there. However, because of said surgery and my husband’s night-school schedule, I have to pack for the kids and make sure everything in ready to go before I leave.


The surgery of doom. Well, at least it could be. Several years ago my husband was in an accident at work that required several plates and screws to be put into his left arm. Recently, one of the plates has started to irritate his nerve and he has some calcification going on between the arm bones that appears to be causing him some pain and swelling. He made a trip to the orthopedic surgeon last week who said “see you in the OR in two weeks. The bottom plate and screws are coming out.” Oh happy day. When the plates and pins went in, the surgery was not a pleasant experience. My husband was in a lot of pain. He was missed a pain medication dose and it took a while to get him comfortable again. We have no idea what this surgery will bring, but we are preparing for the worst.


Blorft to a busy July. Blorft to packing. Blorft to surgeries. Blorft to pressing work projects.

But thanks Tina Fey.Rather than just screaming and throwing up my hands in a non-sensical way over stress, I now that the perfect word for describing how I am feeling—blorft.