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Imitation is my art: Newborn Shot

I’m not a photographer but I love pictures and I love taking them. In order to learn, I copy the best I see out there. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss, but I find what I like and I try to replicate. This is my feature Imitation is my art.

Today’s shot: this newborn hospital shot. I saw it on Spearmint Baby before my third child was born last year.

Their picture:

From Spearmint Baby: We took a cupcake and a “zero” candle to the hospital to celebrate Bennett’s birthday. I love this shot! Sam & Ashley, photo by Bella Baby Photography










I figured this picture was simple enough to recreate. I had some time on my hands at the hospital. My husband had to tend to our other two children as well as run a few errands. For one of my meals at the hospital, I ordered a piece of cake. I brought a 0 candle to the hospital with me. I set the shot up on my hospital bed in the middle of the afternoon with light streaming in from a window.

And I love it.


993616_10100524002002966_71943032_n 935025_10100524001968036_842202940_n

My lighting is softer. I changed my focus on each shot so that I could pick which focal point looked the best later on. I have less of the baby showing, but my baby had a giant IV board and tubes sticking from her arms. I was trying to hid that. I’m just glad I took this shot. I like the way it came out and it’s a nice addition to her baby book.

Plus, it was free.

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