Family Simon Says

If she can do it, why can’t I

Simon will make a regular appearance on the blog, sort of like's Chuck.

Heather Armstrong, author of, posts pictures of her dog Chuck everyday in a little section she calls “The Daily Chuck.” At the end of the year, she compiles the best shots and uses them to make a calendar. This year, I bought that calendar for my sister-in-law, another reader.

My husband and my brother were in shock that this woman with a blog sells calendars of her dog’s picture. My husband said “why can’t you do that?” My response? “My dog isn’t Chuck and I’m not Heather Armstrong.” But then I decided I would, at the very least, at the end of the year, I can gather the best and make a calendar for my husband.

And really, if you think about it, our dog is pretty cool. We have a Newfoundland named Little Chief Simon. Simon for short. Well, actually Sim-o and Boy for short. At 150 lbs, he sort of rules the roost whether he knows it or not…and he doesn’t know it. His favorite spot to sleep is in our bathtub. He eats six cups of food per day. He does “the mean lean” when he’s been standing too long. If you happen to be the “wall” that he leans on, look out. He can eat stuff off the counter. He loves to ride in the car. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like camping.

Now, he’s not able to balance things on his nose quite like Armstrong’s Chuck, but…he’s fluffy. That’s all I’ve got.

Additionally, Simon has a second-fiddle brother, much like Coco to Armstrong’s Chuck. A mutt, Simon’s brother is Lucas who was adopted into our family about a year and a half after Simon. Lucas is much smaller, tipping the scales at 70 lbs. He’s a cool dog, but for some reason, he’s always played the role of the understudy. Not saying we don’t love him, because we do, but, well maybe this is something only Heather Armstrong can understand.

So, watch for Simon photos in the new section I’m calling Simon Says. He doesn’t do much so we’ll see how interesting they are, but at the very least, you get to see our awesome pup!