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I forgot about the election–It’s tomorrow

Vote. That’s the only endorsement I have.

For the last 3.5 years, the President has been fighting for reelection and the slew of republican candidates have been stumping to take his seat. For the last year, we have endured yard signs, endless commercials, debates and endless news stories about what the candidate and the president are doing to gain a nomination, endorsement or end the senseless requests from Donald Trump.

I’m just ready for it to be over.

I know we all need to care about who runs our country, but I have to be honest, my mind is on how I’m going to get my daughter to Daisies on Thursday, what kid-events I’ve forgotten to register or RSVP for, reminding myself to put our lawn service’s check in the mail and oh, yeah, the fact that much of the east coast of the United States was recently altered by a hurricane.

I feel like the elections have become something they aren’t supposed to be. I feel like the campaign committees go after each other like finger-pointing elementary school children. The ads on TV are misleading, incomplete and inaccurate snapshots of what is actually going on. The debates are just a chance for each side to point out the flaws in the other side.

And it’s a chance for my dad and my sister-in-law to argue their “sides” and for the rest of us to sit in that uncomfortable awkwardness that ensues when they do.

So vote.

And here is why.

Vote because you are able to post your views on your Facebook timeline without being sought out and killed. Vote because up until a few decades ago, women couldn’t. Vote because you have beliefs and you should stand up for them. Vote because we aren’t under the rule of some super-secretive dictator, who’s life is so shrouded in secrecy that even his countrymen don’t know if he’s married. Vote because we have magazines like People, Wired and Cosmo. Vote because one day, you want to see your daughter in the White House. Vote because you only get six weeks with your newborn child before you have to go back to work. Vote because your local government needs someone to take over when the current leadership runs the city into dispair and bankruptcy.

vote because you can.