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Here comes Christmas: A gift guide for the ladies

It’s that time of year again. I’ll be glued to my computer in just a few days trying to get the best deal on all of my loved ones favorite things. So what do I buy for all of these people? I have no idea. Each year, I somehow come up with something acceptable. This year, I decided to make a list of things that appeal to me, my husband and my kids and share them as a jumping off point for your Christmas shopping. Maybe something my little one likes or wants will fit the bill for a kid in your life. Maybe something I’m dreaming of will spark your creativity for a friend or relative. I aim to help.

Today, I’m starting with myself. That’s right. How selfish of me! I’m not starting with my kids or my husband. I’m starting with me. I’m not sure why. It just seems easiest. So here are a few of the things on my All I Really Want Pinterest list.

My list is made up of lots of things, but I’ve broken it down into several categories with a brief explanation about them. Hopefully my Christmas list will be helpful for those in search of holiday gifts for women.


Clothes make the list in my holiday gifts for women. I like something versatile…something for home and work.

Who can’t use new clothes? I don’t need a lot of work stuff as I work part-time and then out of my house, but I need versatile items. Things I’d wear around the house, out and can dress up or down. I also like sweaters. My clothes on my Pinterest boards are not exactly what I want, they are mostly just styles that I like. Well, except for the Dansko shoes. I’ve been eyeing this up for years and almost bought a pair this summer in Connecticut. Think about the person you are shopping for. Could they use a cute sweater that can be paired with khakis, jeans or the occasional yoga-pant? Consider more than a one-hit wonder and help them bulk up their wardrobe.

Sentimental items

9c01ce9014554234bb341b908ed7cda0I can’t forget the way the ocean looked when my husband and I walked down to the beach on our second day in Punta Cana. It was so blue, so teal, so…color I can’t explain. What I do know is that a nail polish in an ocean-y color would really take me back to the trip that was so relaxing and amazing that I still dream about it. So maybe the person on your list just had a baby boy and could use a new hue of nail color to remind her of her little guy throughout the day. Maybe a friend is fighting breast cancer or lost a family member. Find a color that illustrates that and put together a little mani/pedi kit.

Another idea I love is sentimental jewelry. Here are some the pieces I have pinned on my board.

I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts, like symbolic jewelry. Rings, necklaces or bracelets…it doesn’t matter. It’s all a great gift for women.

Can you imagine getting a bracelet in your child’s writing? A pendant that reminds you of something in your life? Stackable rings with all of your initials? The picture in the upper left is a serotonin molecule. If you know my struggles, you know how this could be meaningful to me. Consider your friend or relative and what they might be touched by.

Workout Gear


I’m looking to add a little weight into my workouts and would like kettlebells. I’ve been researching this for a while and I think I’d enjoy it…as much as anyone enjoys working out. Is your friend starting a new fitness regime? Maybe your loved one would like a new yoga mat or water bottle or maybe something to make their workout a little more fun!

Thing People Can Make Me

The craft people in my life shouldn’t feel like they can’t make me something! A great gift for women in your life could be something that you can create yourself. What better than a unique, personalized gift?

My friends are talented people. Some can knit or crochet. Some can build things. Others are just crafty in general. I have a few items pinned that could be very cool DIY gifts if someone wanted to tackle that type of project for me. Are you a DIY-er who could put a little time into making body scrub or hair bands for a friend? It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme, but if you can make something, that’s huge. For me, that’s super special. Maybe there is something you can make for a friend.

Subscription Boxes



The gifts that keep on giving–subscription boxes. Buy a gift and a friend might get these boxes delivered to their home for several months. This is my kind of gift. I mean, we all know how much I love mail. And there are so many varieties. Check our A Year of Boxes for a taste of what’s out there. I’m totally into the Craftly boxes and the Holly Journals boxes. They totally fit my personality. Maybe you can find a box that includes beauty supplies, socks, tea or ties. The possibilities are endless.

The Completely Impractical


You’ll probably never be able to make a friend’s dreams come true, but these are the items that they want, but can’t want because it’s so impractical. For me, it’s a button-maker. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I want a nice one. I want to make and hand out little buttons and little magnets to all my friends and people I run into on the street. Someday my dream will come true.

I also have jewelry and pretty items for my husband to buy me on the off-chance that he one day looks at Pinterest. I would never expect my friends or family to buy me something that extravagant, but they are on my list nonetheless.

Thing I’ll Never Buy Myself

Looking for a gifts for women in your life? What about something they’d never buy themselves? A coloring book or cute calendar top the list of things I never buy for me, but totally love.

I’m 35 and I want a Ryan Gosling coloring book and a bird feeder that suction cups to my window. I want completely impractical shoes and a laptop organizer. Funky cameras, cute calendars and other items also top my list. Think about things that could spruce up your loved ones desk or add some pizzazz to their life…whether it’s something you think they NEED or not. What’s something fun just for them? (Cute buttons right? I know, that’s totally why I need a button maker.)

It’s not always easy to shop for the ladies in your life. Whether your wife, sister, friend or mom, sometimes it feels like the women have everything they need. I hope a sampling of my list makes it easier for you to find a gift for the women in your life.