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Here come Christmas: Gifts for Guys

My husband is a hard man to shop for. He buys himself pretty much everything he wants, he has no serious hobbies and he’s not overly into sports. It’s difficult to narrow down Christmas gifts that wouldn’t break the bank, but I’ve got his number and after all these years, I can find things that he wants or needs. Here are just some examples of gifts for guys to spark your thoughts on what to buy for you guy. You can also check them out on my Pinterest board, All He Really Wants.

Camping Gear

678Our camper is our home on wheels. We have most of the necessities and even a few extras that campers like to have, but we are always looking for new neat things. My husband’s newest obsession is getting a portable device for cooking over the fire. Sure we have grills…yes, 2 of them. Take your pick charcoal or propane, but who wouldn’t like to grill a piece of chicken over the open flame. He also like the strip LED lights for mounting under the camper, new bug zappers, etc. If you have a camper, check out your local camper supply store or head over to Pinterst and search for camping hacks to see what unique tools you could give as a gift.


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I typically think of myself as the gadget queen, and it turns out I’m married to the king. He likes his smart watch from FitBit, but would like to upgrade to the waterproof Apple Watch. He’d like a Google Home device. We already have a Nest, which he loves, but he would like to see more automation to our home. He’d love some cameras, Wemo outlets, Philips Hue bulbs and just about anything else that can be controlled via the Google Home device. And believe me, we are almost there! With the Nest, a wifi garage door remote, a few cameras and a Harmony remote, we are well on our way to complete home automation. Is your guy a tech-guru? Does he like to play around with the latest and greatest? It’s time to check out some of his favorite gadgets and just remember how much you love him when you see the cost.


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On our most recent trip, my husband picked up a pack of dominoes and has been teaching our girls all the things they can use them for. On our honeymoon, he purchased a chess set. He likes games, even if I’m not a traditional gamer. He loves Cards Against Humanity, backyard games (who doesn’t like giant games?) and I’m pretty sure he’d like Kinderperfect, the game for parents. So, does the guy on your shopping list like a friendly competition? Pick him up a real life game so he can stop competing with the strangers on his phone and start playing with real people.

A Good Liquor



My husband was a hard-core Cap’n Morgan drinker. And he still likes the spiced rum mixed with Pepsi, but in Punta Cana, he was introduced to Brugal, Extra Viejo rum and wooooooooooo man is it smooth. A bottle of this would go a long way! What types of liquor does the guy on your list drink? Maybe it’s as simple as picking up a local craft beer.

To go along with that:


A Bubba mug. We saw these all over the place in Punta Cana. As an all-inclusive, we had access to drinks all day long. By the second day, we realized people were turning over their extra large, insulated containers to the staff and they were coming back nearly full. Plus those icy drinks stay cold and don’t dump in the pool after you swim away from the bar. This was genius. My husband needs one for our camping trips, weekends around the house and just random Saturdays. Insulated mugs aren’t just for coffee anymore!

Man Jewelry


My husband isn’t a big jewelry-wearer, aside from his wedding ring. Even that can sometimes disappear from his ring finger when things get oily. While I have told my husband that I’d like a nice tanzanite ring some day, he hardly has those specific ideas for himself. Maybe he’d like a silicone ring or a nice necklace. Maybe your guy has an earring and a new piece of ice would be a neat treat. Guys don’t typically ask for jewelry the same way girls do, but there are lots of options out there if you think he’d enjoy a piece.

It’s hard to buy for guys, particularly guys without any particular interests. Get creative. Figure out what they do like and try to buy something along those lines. I’d share with you the things I’m getting my husband, but I can’t tell all my secrets. I mean, he might actually read my blog some day!

So, what are you getting for the guys on your shopping list? What are some of your suggestions for gifts for guys?