Self Improvement

Great Expectations

I need to load up my Flipboard with all the best bloggers, in your opinion.

I expect people to read my blog, comment, tell me how much they love it, follow me on Twitter and just generally think I’m super cool. Or something. And apparently I expect this all to happen when these readers just happen to stumble upon my blog. Clearly I live in a dream world.

That doesn’t happen. Just because I’ve purchased my own domain, I spread the link around to a few people and I tweet out my posts, I guess I think they will just magically find my blog in a much easier way than I have. Because as we all know, I’m still “finding my blog.” Yeah, I know.

This will never happen.

I realized this when I was at the Whipple Hill Unconference in New Hampshire last month, just before I left on FindingMyVacation. The conference organizers were having a contest for people who were really active on their social media channels. So I was. And I won a prize.

In order to win my prize, more readers and more reader engagement, I think I need to be more active. I need to participate in discussion on some other blogs and get people to WANT to read what I’m writing about, even though I’m still “finding my blog.”

I vow to load up a bunch of blogs on my Flipboard on my iPad and gloss through and read and leave comments daily.

So far, I read Dooce (who doesn’t), Jodi Michelle, Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood, Stacey Says, MckMama (sometimes), the Spohrs are Multiplying and Prudent Baby on a regular basis. Who do you read? What are you writing? Give me a great list to get going in my Flipboard.

And what about followers? Check me out on Twitter and tell me who to follow. I need to clean my list up a bit, but tell me who you think is the best to follow. Who do you love?