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Graduating Preschool

This week, my oldest daughter completes her final days in preschool. I have no idea how this happened or where I was all this time. As a result, I’ve got a few things planned to make sure my daughter and her classmates know how proud we are of them.

First up, student treats. This might be overkill, but I felt like I didn’t participate in a lot of classroom stuff this year. I didn’t take a turn reading to the class. My husband didn’t go to dad’s night, mostly because we were in Florida, but whatever.

So after, finding this bag on Pinterest, I decided to modify it slight and turn them into bags for the little preschoolers.

I started with enough brown paper bags for the entire class. I printed “Owl miss you,” all over 10 sheets of paper. I measured it out and figure I could get two of the backgrounds from each piece of paper. I then took all ten pages, stapled them together (so I could cut many at once without any shift) and cut them out.

I glued them to each bag, making a little fold across the top so I would be able to staple it down in the end.

Next, I cut 40 brown circles (two per bag). These are a little bigger and sort of stick off of the bag.

Hint: Draw the circles on one sheet of paper and then staple four to five pages together. Cut out the circles. You can get more circles per cut without the paper shifting and screwing up the shape.

I wasn’t too much of a perfectionist about this since we are five days away from the last day of school and I have a job, a date with my husband, church and several other things going on before them. I couldn’t spend a tone of time on these. I just glue them as close together as I could, some overlapped, I just tried to make them look good.

Next, I added on the smaller, lighter portion of the eye. I used the same trick as above to cut the out these smaller circles. These were a little bit harder to do because I wanted to make sure the bottoms lined up. It may have been easier to glue the smaller pieces of the eyes onto the bigger portion first and the trimmed it if they were off a bit.

I then used a marker to color in the pupils (I had enough with the cutting and the gluing). This is when they really came to life for me. I also used the marker to create a small triangle nose just below the eyes.

I had planned to use a heart punch and then fold it in half. But again, time, lots of cutting, trying to make things easier on myself.

I then stuffed each bag. Earlier in the week, when I suddenly panicked that I only had a week to get something together for the kids, I made my way over to Oriental Trading and ordered these sunglasses, mini-beach balls and summer magnet frames that they can make. I also included a card with our phone number and my e-mail address so that if any of the students who want to get together with us over the summer, they know the best way to reach us. Plus, it’s a way of saying she brought it in.

Once the bag was stuffed, I cut the corners off the top of the bags to make the “eyebrows” and staples the bags shut.

The only problem I encountered was with the little cards. I had one left over and I had exactly enough. I have no idea what bag it goes in and I can’t open them all up, so we just hope and pray that either my daughter or one of the friends we already associate with outside of school might get that bag.

I can’t wait to see what my daughter and her friends think of these little guys!

Do you do anything special for your kids class at the end of the school year?