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Going Dutch

Today begins Gleek Retreat in Holland, Mich. I’m excited about all the things I can learn here, but also slighty realistic at the same time. The conference I attend are always fantastic. The presenters are pretty good, but I’m always up against the time wall. I never have time to try it out. So, how many more times do I go to these events, learn a ton of stuff, but feel like I’ll never be able to put it into practice?

There was a little factoid, but maybe fiction, going around in our elementary school that everytime you learned something, you got a new wrinkle in your brain. You know, those little ridges that we all see when we look at models of the brain. I know I learn things every day. Sometimes I learn how to say a word in Spanish from Dora the Explorer and other days I learn how to manipulate a database to get the information I need. I’m always learning.

Sometimes that information doesn’t need to be recalled immediately, especially the Dora Spanish. Other times I need it everyday. However, long I go between learning and recalling information, it’s still a wrinkle in my brain. It’s always there. No one can can’t that wrinkle away from me.

I am incredibly fortune to be able to be apart of these great events. I’m lucky to be able to learn so much from such talented people. I can retain all of the information (and some notes) for that time and place that I need them, whether it be a new job, a volunteer activity or just for my own benefit. I guess I need to learn to look at it like that, rather than wasted information.

My Gleek Retreat experince will be documented here in a few days.