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Gifts for the Mamas in Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for moms of young babies? I have several suggestions that have made my life a little easier since having our baby in July.

Lorex Baby Monitor

The Sweet Peek baby monitor by Lorex.
The Sweet Peek baby monitor by Lorex.

I never wanted a video baby monitor. I had heard horror stories of people leaving them on and being robbed when the burglars knew the house was empty. But when Lorex offered to send me one, I figured it was worth giving it a go. I initially thought I’d use it more to keep an eye on my older children playing in the basement while I was nursing or to look in on the baby when I was sitting outside watching the kids swim, but the air was on. It turns out, I actually used it more than I thought. The monitor provides lots and lots of extra features. From the hand unit, I can turn on and off a small light on the camera, play music  and even talk to the baby, or yell at my kids, whatever.


Review: Bring in the breast-milk with Milky!

Milky! by Need Brands is designed to help nursing mothers establish a good milk supply.
Milky! by Need Brands is designed to help nursing mothers establish a good milk supply.

As I prepared for our new baby, I made sure the crib sheets were washed, the car seat was ready to go, my bags were packed for the hospital and that I had all the breastfeeding essentials for those early days. I wasn’t exactly ready, but one thing I did have was supplements in the form of tea.Milky!, a small tea drink created by Tia and Tamara Mowry with all the herbs needed to stimulate milk production, especially in the early days.


Maternal Soles ease the pregnancy foot pain

MaternaSoles provide support and relief of pregnancy pain. Every part of my body hurt during my pregnancy. My back was a mess, my hips were sore, my calves were swollen and my feet took the brunt of it. MaternaSoles provide support and relief of pregnancy pain.

The Canon D10

So we all know I love my Canon D10 that we purchased before our cruise two years ago. However, it just got a little cooler because I learned how to use the panoramic function.

Canvas prints 

I love having pictures of our kids around our house. This time of year, I like to go through the house and update the photos in all of my frames. Earlier this fall, I was able to order and review a canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints and I’m thinking of replacing my framed work with canvas. Not only are they classy and elegant, they are easy to create, hang and looking great hanging from any wall.

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  1. Great list! My favorite is the camera. I was SO happy I worked my tail off for a DSLR. It has made such a huge difference in my photo taking skills 🙂

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