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Gender predictions are all over the place

Fact: There is no true way to determine the gender of your unborn child in-utero unless you have had an anatomy scan, amino or something similar. But we sure have fun trying, right?

Heart rate

According to some tales, a heart rather higher than 140 beats per minute indicates the baby is a girl. Ours was in the 160s the first time it was taken.

Advantage: Boy

The Chinese Gender Predictor Indicated I'd be having a girl.
The Chinese Gender Predictor Indicated I'd be having a girl.

Chinese Gender Calendar

According to the date i conceived and my birthday, the ancient Chinese predictors indicate I’ll be having a girl.

Advantage: Girl

The Little Ones Know Best

Someone once told me that little kids are so tuned in to nature, they just know when a baby is. My five-year-old picked girl. My three-old picked boy.

Advantage: Tie.

Mother’s Intuition

I figured I would know the gender of my own unborn child. I call it him. I feel boy. I have nothing really solid to go on, but it’s just my hunch.

Advantage: Boy

So there was really no definitive answer. I guess we will have to see what the ultrasound holds. Actually, we already know. You have to wait until tomorrow.