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Frozen berries fill the freezer

My frozen berries are great for my morning smoothies.

With a Saturday full of strawberry-picking at Westview Orchards, I thought I’d have a week-long strawberry-filled jam making, pie-baking and fruit-freezing session. However, after 24-hours, it became pretty apparent that I needed to modify my Sunday plans to include berry fun activities.

The best thing to do with a giant box of strawberries is to just start cutting the tops off. I knew I wanted to make a pie. I knew I wanted to make some jam. I knew I wanted to freeze some, like I said, for daquiris—I mean smoothies.

Right, smoothies.

Anyway. After divvying up strawberries for the top priority, the pie, I set aside those I needed for the jam (I was restrained by one box of pectin) and the rest were for consumption this week and for the freezer.

Mostly, I kept the freezer berries whole. I just cut off the tops. I washed and dried them well and then put them into quart-sized freezer bags. Once they were in the bags, I added some fruit saver, the Ball Fresh-Fruit Produce Protector. I was actually introduced to this product while working on a story for another website last year.

Following the instructions on the container, I added a few teaspoons to each bag, which is about five calories per serving, sealed them up, squished out all the air and put them in the freezer. It’s actually a super simple process but totally worth it. I pop the bag of frozen berries out just a few minutes before I want a smoothie and I break off a hunk of delicious goodness to toss into my blender for a morning meal.

This is so much cheaper than buying the frozen berries at the grocery store and I can get them free from my freezer year-round without paying the incredibly high prices for them out of season.

And yes, I have tried planting strawberries, but I’ve never found it fruitful (haha). I never got nearly enough for anything more than a snack. It’s definitely worth the $20 I spent at the farm this weekend.

Do you have any strawberry recipes? Maybe I’ll try something new from my batch of frozen goodies. If it’s awesome, we might go back for more berries soon!

2 thoughts on “Frozen berries fill the freezer

  1. I don’t know how this works with your fruit preserver, but if you freeze berries in a single later on a cookie sheet then scoop them into your bags, it’s easier to pour out a small portion in the future.

    1. This would have probably been the better thing to do. I usually have to slam them around on the counter to free them of the icy hands of each others.

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