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Fourth of Julys Past

As we celebrate our nations freedom this week, I started thinking about all the other Fourth of Julys and how we’ve spent them. It led to this photo collage.

Fourth of Julys past

In 2008, our daughter wasn’t even one yet. We spent it at my uncle’s house playing in the yard. In 2009, I was just two weeks away from giving birth, but five weeks from my due date. We hosted a little family get-together and watched our neighbors light off fireworks. In 2010, we went camping on what was the hottest Fourth of July on record. Our youngest wasn’t walking yet and wanted to be held all the time. That made it even hotter! In 2011, I don’t have many pictures, but we went camping again. It was hot and the campground had rolling blackouts. We did a lot of swimming and canoeing. This year, we are planning to go camping, but a few things might keep us home. I guess we’ll see what it holds!