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Fourth of July wreath pops with color

Another wreath, you ask? Yes, another wreath, I say. I actually made this one to go on our camper while we are on vacation over the holiday. It was super easy to make and a cute wreath to adorn our camper door.

I got this idea from Pinterest. Yes, yes. I know. I love it. I modified it to fit my world. The one I found had no instructions, so I did it my way, and I think it turned out great.


The wreath really is that easy.

Small foam wreath frame
1/4 yard each of red, blue and white felt
Pencil or pen

Start by figuring out what pattern you want to use on the wreath. I didn’t really finalize mine until after it was underway so it’s a little askew. It bugs me, but not enough to remake it.

Cut squares out of each of the felt colors. You will need a lot. There isn’t an exact measurement to this, which is perfect for me since I hate measuring and being super specific. I just cut 2″ strips and then cut them into 2″ x 2″ squares. That seemed like a good size.

Now, I used some craft glue, folded a square around the tip of a pen dipped the square into the craft glue and pushed it carefully into the wreath. I’ve done this same wreath using newspapers, so I was familiar with this process and it went pretty quickly. I worked on it in the driveway while we had a garage sale.

Continue to push the squares into the wreath, packing them pretty tightly. In case this doesn’t make sense, I’ll explain it like this: push the center of the square into the wreath so that the edges are sticking up. That’s what give it the texture.

Once the wreath is filled to your liking, use some craft glue to place some stars of your choice on the wreath.

I, then, took a white ribbon and stapled it to the back of the wreath to use it for hanging it. It’s on my front door for now, but next week, it’ll be on my camper! I can’t wait!


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