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#findingmyvacation: The joys of traveling with children

I can sleep just about anywhere. I love to sleep, nap, relax, veg and doze like the rest of them. For the most part, so do my kids. But when it comes to going to bed at night, they like to have their routine. So far, finding that in someone else’s house has been quite a challenge.

My daughters go to bed in dark rooms with no night lights and no music, TV or any other form of entertainment. Thankfully, we have a house large enough where they don’t have to share and they aren’t at an age yet where they think sharing is an option. They did sleep together when we went camping recently, but for the most part, they were so exhausted from the day, it didn’t matter where they lay their heads down.

But here, the kids are allowed to sleep with night lights and music. It’s just so hard to explain that concept to a three-year-old. Telling her that the lights are on for the other kids to fall asleep, thus making it difficult for her to take a little rest confused her to no end.

As the minutes kicked by and the hoots and howls of kids having a grand old time and not sleeping, I was growing increasingly concerned that our two children, along with our two dogs were all going to have to cram into our family member’s office and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Well, it’s almost two hours later and the daughter I thought would be into the sleepover has decided she’d rather sleep on the floor next to our bed than upstairs. While I’m happy to have her close by, I wish she would just close her eyes and drift off in to dreamland.