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#findingmyvacation – Breaking the mold

As I mentioned earlier this week, #findingmyvacation started early for me when I traveled to New Hampshire for a user conference put on by the content management system we use at work. While I thought #findingmyvacation would include lots of early nights in my room, I’ve been trying to branch out. For the last two nights I’ve had dinner at new restaurants with random people, eating new food, enjoying geek conversation and not sitting all alone.

The conference has left me inspired and feeling like I should look at all these webpages, write and spend some quality time alone, since that is something I rarely get to do. It took everything in me to join these strangers for dinner and drinks, but I did it, and I’m glad I did. New friends, blog fodder and I got to squeeze in a couple of naps.

Tonight, I had a nutella and banana panini at a Manchester restaurant, Republic Cafe. It was a completely organic, locally grown restaurant and everything looked so great, but I just wasn’t that hungry. I wanted the scallops and steak but I’m not sure it would even fit in my belly!

Republic Cafe
Republic Cafe
Republic Cafe Bar

I had dinner with these two women from Maryland who befriended me yesterday. It was nice to chat with them. Last night’s dinner was at Ignite, another Manchester restaurant, with two girls from New York and a salesman from The School Volunteer, a third-party software that works with our content management system.


A night alone in my bed with some great TV and a good book might have been what I thought I needed, but I’m leaving this conference with memories and new friends, instead of regrets of just spending time alone in my room while life went on.

That’s #findingmyvacation.