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#FindingmyAdventure in Michigan

I live in Michigan, I don’t think that is really a secret. I’ve traveled around the country. I’ve seen natural beauty. I’ve driven a long way to see commercialized crap. Yesterday I saw this picture.

Empire Bluffs, Michigan

And it reminded me that all I really need to see is just a few hours away.

After we came back from vacation, I missed being away from the hum-drum of every day life. This weekend my husband has to work late and then on Saturday before finishing a project at his dad’s house, leaving me and my daughters to fend for ourselves. I didn’t want to be stuck cleaning and organizing all weekend, because that’s what I always do. I didn’t want to have figure out something for us to do, probably costing money and involving waiting in a line. I wanted to be free. I wanted to breathe fresh air and listening to birds chirping.

And then I decided why not?

I packed up our stuff and we are headed up north. (We Michigan folks just refer to anything north of like Flint on I-75 to be up north. Deal with it. In fact, it’s so common around here, I almost capitalized it like a proper name.)

After work, we are going to drive to a campground a few hours north, where my parents have been camping all week, and stay with them for a few days. I packed bikes, sand toys, cameras, craft supplies and movies. And they aren’t all for me.

I’m not spontaneous. I’m a planner through and through. But I figured summer is almost over. Basement organization projects, clothes sorting and window cleaning can happen anytime. The sunshine, warm breezes and campfires are only going to last for a few more weeks and then we’ll be on the verge of fall.

Here is to adventure.

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