Finding Inspiration

From the heart of Detroit, I felt inspired.

From the the heart of this building, I felt motivated.

From this guy,
this guy,
and plenty of others, I felt educated.

I met, I connected, I spoke the language I speak every day. The one my family calls a mix between geek and dork. I used words like “social” and didn’t mean a party that involves ice cream and an elementary school. I used words like measurements, metrics, hashtags, API and SEO without feeling like I had to explain anything to anyone. I could say “public side content” and the others knew I was talking about what the external audience sees, as opposed to those who login to the portal.

I saw people who make me want to do more. I gained a few LinkedIn contacts and learned more about myself and where I want to go. Even when the speakers weren’t talking about something I was specially doing, it often led me down a trail of a new idea for my company.

I hung out in a unique and beautiful part of Detroit. I had lunch with an old friend. I spent time alone with my thoughts and my ideas.

What I did not get was a prize, but I did walk away with a cool reusable bag.

All of this came to me for the price of one ticket to one conference.

Future Midwest.

You can look for more posts and pictures about it in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Rebecca,

    Thank you very much for this personable feedback on your FutureMidwest experience. I’m glad you could attend, and glad you had a positive experience. Keep up the writing.


  2. So glad to see you’ve started to blog! Also, glad you got to experience Future Midwest – I totally agree that it is wonderful to be around like-minded people, even though I don’t always understand it all. Great learning experience. Keep up the good work 🙂

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