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Fall photo checklist


So, last week got away from me, but let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we?

Photos, photos and more photo talk. I’ve been terrible about taking photos. I take them when we travel or at special events, but really not just because–like I did in Boston. I need to do more of that. When the holidays are spaced out, I feel like I don’t get those pictures that capture my kids changing and growing and doing every day things.

To help that, I decided to create a fall photo check list. I’ve made this list of things that I know I want to try to capture and with it printed out and posted on my fridge, I hope that I make more of an attempt to actually do it.

I know that in some of these instances, I’m not going to want to carry my DSLR (though, the goal would be to make me better at using it), so I’ve decided that I also need to attempt to get more creative with my point and shoot. Last year, we bought a Canon D10 before our cruise. It’s actually a really nice camera. I’ve recently figured out that it does have some manual options and also has some interesting “modes,” like color swap, etc. I want to try those out as well and get better at using whatever camera I have on hand.

We have lots of opportunities coming up to get some of these awesome shots. We are going camping, my daughter’s class is heading out to Westview Orchard to visit the pumpkin patch, plus we have a special birthday coming up as my oldest turns 5! (yes, it gets an exclamation point) and my husband I celebrate six years of wedded bliss. I hope to remember to stop and capture the memories so that when we celebrating her 25th birthday and our 26th anniversary, we can look back and remember when we went camping, snuggled up near a fire and got her ears pierced, though, those things won’t happen at the same time.

Also, feel free to download my fall checklist or make your own and share it here.

So, what do you want to take pictures of this fall?

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