Random Thoughts

An Explanation

Last week, my intention was to write about all the perfect gifts for your mother leading up to Mother’s Day. Monday, I posted the camera. Monday afternoon, bad news started pouring in and I no longer felt like writing about gifts.

The first bad news came when a coworker was telling me about his weekend, and how a friend died in the hotel room they were sharing at an out-of-town concert.

The second came the next day when I learned a mother with two girls at my tiny in-home day care was diagnosed with breast cancer…oh yeah, and she’s pregnant.

Suddenly, my week went from focusing on celebrating to focusing on life. Namely, the life I actually have.

I have been trying to organize some things for the cancer-stricken family. I have been trying to talk myself off the edge of “omg, this could happen to me too.” And the “why her, why now” statements that were clouding up my brain.

I know I need to move on. I know I need to keep going and do the things I enjoy. Like this blog. So it’s coming.