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Enterprise went the extra mile with our car rental

The Camero we rented from Enterprise.

When we landed a great deal on a flight to Florida via Frontier airlines, I put my husband to work setting up the rental car. Within about an hour, he rented a car with¬†Enterprise, but not just any car…he went with a convertible.

We knew we were going to end up with a Ford Mustang, Chevy Camero or Chrysler 200 convertible. My husband really wanted the Camero, but there is no way to choose in advance and it was just luck of the draw when we got off the plane.

With our plane landing at 5:30 p.m., we weren’t really sure what our odds were going to be.

We got down to the Enterprise terminal and the customer service agent tried to get us to upgrade to a Corvette for $450 per day. Um, no. We were getting this car for $20/day, which was an unbeatable deal for a rental car, so we decided not to upgrade. It had nothing to do with the $450 per day. Yeah right.

We asked if there were any Cameros and he said probably and to ask when we got to the lot.

Top down in the sun—but winter in Florida meant sweatshirt on.

As we walked out, we saw a lady and a man pull away in a black Camero convertible, and it appeared to be the last one on the lot. But we could have our pick of Mustangs.

My husband asked our representative if there were any other Cameros available and she would check. As a supplier to GM, he had his heart set on driving the car he’s envied for a while. It didn’t look good so we decided that we would go with a yellow Ford Mustang. The manager walked up and said he was getting us a Camero, it would be up momentarily.

Completely unnecessary.

Up pulls a yellow Camero convertible.

After going over the functions of the car with my husband, including how to open and close the top, we were on our way.

Top down of course. Despite the fact that it was 55 degrees. And we were driving on the highway.

We drove the car around for the four days in Florida. My husband loved every minute of it. In fact, if we could get three boosters in the backseat, I probably couldn’t keep him from turning in his Cruze lease for one on a Camero—maybe not a convertible, though.

Even my grandma enjoyed the ride. I think my husband loved driving it, though I think he would have preferred a stick-shift.

My grandma even enjoyed the ride. Though she mostly sat in the front seat to keep the wind from her hair, which left me in the backseat–and let me tell you, the breeze can really get you back there!

When we returned to the airport, the return process was just as simple. We filled up the car with gas on our own prior to arriving at the airport. We pulled into the terminal, parked the car, they asked who we were and we were on our way to security to catch our flight home.

It was easy. The car was clean. It was nice to drive something besides our mini van or a full-size truck. It was different. And the bright yellow convertible got a lot of attention, which I think my husband liked.

It was way different from when we rented a car from Budget during my last trip to visit my grandma.

We’d definitely do that again. And, if we don’t have the kids, maybe even spring for the Corvette.

But probably not.