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Ed Sheeran Divide Concert is Well Worth the Money

Have you ever used Photoshop?

Everything is done in layers. Each element of the design is crafted on a different canvas and they are stacked on top of each other to create interesting designs and eye-catching graphics.

Ed Sheeran does something very similar with his music.

Watch this:

You can see he starts with the backbeat, adds in some melody and even some of his own background vocals. He’s truly a one-man show.

I didn’t know this about Ed Sheeran when we got to the concert. Honestly, I just liked his music…like all of his music. My husband decided to get me tickets to see Ed Sheeran for our anniversary and the concert took us to Chicago, Ill., and to Soldier Field for the show. Ed, I call him Ed, said this was his biggest venue yet. And it was pretty big, but he filled the arena with fans, music and personality.

The show started with Lauve. Who? Right. I mean, if you know the song “I like me better when I’m with you,” then you know more than most. He was okay, but honestly, I like to shows of artists I know. Especially when it’s 50 degrees outside and I’m two weeks out from pneumonia. I just wanted to get on to the main show.

Next up: Snow Patrol. 2006 called, it wants it’s band back. No seriously. Jacob and I joked that they looked old, but they were probably our age. They were okay. And the unique thing was that Ed opened for Snow Patrol when they were out on tour in like 2006-07, and now they are opening for him. That’s a pretty cute story. The music was more up my alley than Lauve. A little rock ‘n’ roll-ish. They have a new album coming out so check it out. Or, go back and live “Chasing Cars” because that’s the only song I really knew.

Then came Ed. We had really good floor seats, but you’ll guess how long we actually sat in the seats during Ed. The show started right away with the crowd on its feet and I’m not sure we ever sat down. We didn’t need to. Ed was the Entertainer. We equated him to a Justin Timberlake. There is serious talent there, but he can really tell a story and engage the audience as well.

Ed told us that 98 percent of the people at the show wanted to be there, but there were also the doting boyfriends–who were there because their girlfriends dragged them along, and also the Super Dads–there for their kids to see the concert. He told them to give him a chance, sing, dance and enjoy themselves.

My husband fell in to the “doting” category. I’m not sure he could identify an Ed Sheeran song before this concert. But there he was. And he said he enjoyed himself.

Ed started the show by explaining that all of the sounds we heard that night would be coming through his mixer. I was then intrigued. I loved watching him layer the music as he started a new song. In the end, it would come out like this:

Ed Sheeran Bloodstream from Rebecca Thomas on Vimeo.

All of that sound, one man on stage.

There was nothing super spectacular about the set. It did some really cool things, but it wasn’t incredibly intricate. He’d change guitars between each song, probably so they could be tuned and ready. He played in the same jeans and t-shirt until the encore, when he changed into a “Sheeran 18” jersey. It may have been a Chicago Bears jersey, but I wouldn’t know.

He did have some really great crowd engagement.

Ed Sheeran from Rebecca Thomas on Vimeo.

And that venue! We don’t have anything in Detroit with the history of Soldier Field. It was just amazing to see that crowd, especially when the lights went down and the flashlights went up.

There were just so many people! It was tame, though. There were no issues. It’s interesting to go there considering how many people walk in from various areas. We got in easily and, because we had floor seats, we were tied to one door. It was still easy and smooth. We got our bands and headed to our seats. There were no issues going in or out. It was about a 15 minute walk back to our hotel and we were with a large crowd a good chunk of the way. They were orderly and respectful. It’s clear the venue has the process down pat.

I didn’t take a bunch of photos, but here is a sampling of what I did take.

I would definitely go see Ed Sheeran in the future and I hope that I like all of his upcoming music so that I can get tickets to another show down the road. Or, you know, if anyone wants to get me another set of tickets to see the Divide Tour, I’d do that too.

Best Part: Getting to see a remarkably talented artist perform many songs I love.

Worst Part: Opting not to get a $75 hoodie. I should have done it!