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Easy change photo display frame

This memory board and photo hanger makes it easier for me to change out my photos and mementos for display.
This memory board and photo hanger makes it easier for me to change out my photos and mementos for display.

I’m constantly taking pictures with my phone or getting pictures of my kids from friends. I like to print them out (though I NEED a better printer for that) and display them for a little while. I wanted something fancier than my fridge but easier to change out than a frame hanging on my wall. So, I built this–a hanging wire photo display frame.

This was super easy to make and I think it would make a great gift for a friend or a side project for yourself. I had been eyeing up something like it on Pinterest for a while but I finally got around to making it over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I had an empty frame. The glass broke or something so I took the back off. I used the backing that was in the frame to hold the fabric in place. I did use some fabric glue on the back to keep the ends folded and flat, but my plan was to make sure I did not glue the front because I wanted it to look smooth and clean. Sometimes glue can bleed through and dry a little strangely.

Once I placed the backing inside the frame and secured it to the frame, I used a staple gun to connect the wire to the frame in a stable way. I wanted to make sure it didn’t come undone or fall.

When that was done, I found a good place to hang it and placed it just out of the kids’ reach. They would try to rearrange the photos if they could reach it.

Using mini clothes pins, which came from Target’s Dollar Spot some time ago, I was able to create this awesome frame and almost a memory board for nearly nothing.

Actually, it’s currently in my hallway holding the Christmas cards we have received already this year.

When I have time or the supplies, I’m going to pull the wire out and replace it. I want something with more flexibility. The metal I used was a bit too ridged.

This could make a great gift for a friend or relative who likes to change up photos or display items on a memory board. Make a smaller version they can set up at their work spaces at the office. Use a decorative frame or paint the trim to something invoking memories. This project is simple and easy to personalize. Take an hour and put one together for a friend or yourself!

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