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DIY Easter decore of yesteryear

Peeps make great decorations and I'm now using the wreath for a second year and it still looks great.
Peeps make great decorations and I’m now using the wreath for a second year and it still looks great.

Last year I completed several projects to spruce up our house for Easter and the beginning of spring. Most of them were’t posted until after Easter, so I thought I'd go back and review some of them–some of my favorites.

A Wreath Made of Peeps

Peeps make great decorations and I’m now using the wreath for a second year and it still looks great.This was one of my favorite crafts of the last year. Yes, it was sticky, but it was fun, easy and a cheap decoration to make for our front door. I’m happy to report that after a year in storage, the wreath survived, all Peeps in tact and is back up on the front door again this holiday season. I still love the colors. They pop so well against our red front door. They also remind me that, despite the fact that we are still getting snow flurries, spring is coming! Using glue and embroidery floss to make Easter eggs was a really easy Easter project.

I did nothing to store this in an overly special way for the last year. I just kept it in a sealed tote in the basement. One Peep fell off but I was able to stick it back on the toothpick and hang it right back up.

Hanging Easter Eggs

Last year, I used embroidery floss, balloons and a ton of glue to make these egg-shaped decorations. Basically, I blew up some balloons, wrapped them in glue covered embroidery floss, waited for it to dry and then popped the balloons. Once the string had dried completely, I used more embroidery floss to connect them together. Because the entire thing was so light, I was able to use tape to hold it to the top of the blinds in our living room as a decoration. They held up through the Easter season but I saw no way to protect them through the storage year and because they were easy to make and very inexpensive, I decided just to toss them and make new ones this year.
Easter Puzzles
An Easter egg hunt for puzzle pieces is fun for older children and even young adults!

Puzzle egg hunt

My daughters are the youngest in the family by several years. However, I have a teenage newphew and late teen/early twenty sisters-in-law. I don’t like to leave them out of the fun. Two years ago, I bought giant plastic eggs and filled them with treats. But that wasn’t enough for me. So, I took a picture of where they were hidden and cut it up using a puzzle pattern. I hid the pieces in various eggs, some of which also contained candy. My sister-in-law and nephew ran around the yard with our kids and found their eggs, put the pieces together and found their bigger eggs. In the eggs? Candy and a book selected for each of them: The Boys Book of Survival and for the other A Year of Living Biblically. The other was in Florida enjoying spring break.
Later this week, I have some more projects coming…things we are doing this year, including gifts for our nephew and sisters-in-law, Lalaloopsy-themed Easter baskets for our girls and some new window garland!
I hope you find some great ways to welcome Easter and the beginning of spring into your house!