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Dispensing advice

I don’t often dispense parenting advice. I will share my favorite piece of baby gear when prompted and my methods of discipline when asked, but everyone is different, every child is different so it’s completely unrealistic to consider myself an expert in any other child but my own, and even that is up for debate. However, there is one thing that I will share with all the parents I know.

Sleeping babies can leave big messes.
Sleeping babies can leave big messes.

You can never have too many crib mattress pads. Well, really you can’t have too many mattress pads period.

This weekend, my youngest daughter had two diaper explosions in her bed. Luckily, it was all pee, but still, no baby wants to sit in wet sheets and it smells. But we’ve been here before. A coughing spell brings on some vomiting, or there is just plain vomiting. An infant diaper leaks out the “back poop” and it gets all over the sheets. Runny noses drip baby boogers all over the bed.

The last thing you want is to be washing sheets in the middle of the night, so having lots of baby sheets and mattress pads on hand saves time and effort.

I find this especially important in the Pack-and-Play where it seems the mattress is harder to clean that a crib mattress. It never fails, you are staying at a hotel and your baby’s diaper leaks in their bed and you aren’t at home so cleaning it up becomes a nightmare.

It’s sort of like band-aids of┬ádefibrillators, you hope you don’t have to use them, but when you need them, you are super glad you have a ton of them.