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Digging out

My intention was to write over my holiday break, but pesky things like wrapping gifts, playing with my kids and cooking sort of tied up my day. As did napping, reading and just holding my baby, who is already six months old.

When my last day of the break was upon me, I realized how little I actually did, and I felt super guilty. But then an amazing thing happened on Sunday before our first full week back….it started to snow.

Before heading to bed on Sunday, we knew we weren’t going back to work on Monday. By mid-day Monday, we had received a call that it would be too cold Tuesday to have school. Then Tuesday’s low temps led to another day off Wednesday because of ice.

It was as though God knew I needed to feel redeemed from my failed productive Christmas break. What am I talking about, of course HE knew!

So while I didn’t clean the top of the fridge, take the blinds down in the bathroom to soak or make a few Shrinky Dink’s with my kids, I feel like I had such a big bonus with a few extra days off, that the break wasn’t quite as unproductive as I thought.

And the bonus is we only have to work two days before the weekend again.