Eliminating the Unnecessary Self Improvement Weight Loss

Defying the odds of science

Screen Shot 2012-02-12 at 7.19
My calorie intake versus burn for the last 30 days.

Weight loss is a science, right? It’s basic math–calories in, calories out. More calories in=weight gain. More calories out=weight loss. So, why is this concept lost on my body?

This year, and by year I mean 2012, I have been Eliminating the Unnecessary, including my excess weight. I have lots of it to eliminate! I’ve addressed how I’ve been eliminating clutter and stress and all the other stuff, but what I haven’t really address is how it’s going on the weight-loss front. That’s mostly because it’s not.

I’ve been wearing a Fit Bit since the middle of January, the 16th to be exact. From the Fit Bit, I can log my steps, calories burned, flights of stairs I take each day, sleep and activities…which I have been doing. I’m also logging my calorie intake thought MyFitnessPal.com. I don’t log on the weekends, mostly because I just want to feel free of the responsibility of tracking, not because I jump off the bandwagon. We’ve been eating a sensible, low-calories diet, consisting of few carbs, lots of salads and fruits and mostly Rocco DiSpirito low-cal dinners at night. This replaces casseroles, potatoes and the rolls and breads I would consume every night for dinner.

Starting the first of the year, I started working out three times a week. I’ve run on a treadmill, did a few Jillian Michael’s workouts, gone to Zumba and ballet classes and done yoga. I’m up out of my chair at work more frequently because I know i’ll feel guilty if I don’t have enough “steps” at the end of the day…and I can’t cheat the Fit Bit. It knows all.

So, better eating + working out = weight loss right.


I weigh the exact same as I did on Jan. 1, 2012.

I can’t tell you the amount of frustration I feel. I can’t tell you how exhausting it is to work out, eat well and see NOTHING.

Maybe I would have gained weight if it wasn’t for these things. Maybe I have added a few months to my life by strengthening my heart and lungs. Maybe I’ve been teaching my children good habits.

But I went into it hoping to Eliminate the Unnecessary fat. I went into it hoping to feel better about myself in my summer clothing…heck…even some of my winter clothing. I didn’t want people to think I was pregnant anymore. I wanted something.

I have a theory on why I’m not losing any weight, but it’s too early to say anything without talking to my doctor. I’m not pregnant. I’m not suspecting anything is wrong with my thyroid. I will share the information after I talk to my doctor and get things cleared up. Logically, this should be working out better for me. So far, the results are just frustrating and disappointing.