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The day in which our house was not broken into

This blog deserves a sub-head. If I could put one, it would be: But my mom thought it was.

So we were out of town for the Fourth of July holiday doing some camping up north. I asked my mom to come over once or twice and feed our fish. We had forgotten to pick up a weekender feeder to throw in there. I told her if she had plans, it would be fine if she just picked up a tablet and only come over once. We were only gone for five days and our fish don’t require too much food.

Saturday, she came by our house while my dad was out working on a boat he races on. She thought she’d feed the fish and then do a few things (because she’s awesome like that). My mom isn’t sure what happened with the door lock, but apparently the door just sort of popped open. She wasn’t sure she actually unlocked it. She started to think maybe it was already unlocked.

After glancing around, she didn’t see anything awry so she went into the kitchen and started to unload the dishwasher. (I mentioned she’s awesome, right?) As she was putting some of the plates away, she heard a BOOM from our basement. She was sort of concerned, but then she heard the kids’ toys downstairs playing some music. At that point, she was freaked out.

She went outside and to our neighbors house. The first were out of town themselves. She went to the house of an older couple that lives next door. The guy actually laughed at her and told her that no one was in the basement. She crossed the street and asked the college-age neighbor boy  if he would go down there and see if someone was down there. He said no, but told her if she wanted to go down there, she should take a weapon, and proceeded to hand her the ice scrapper from his car.

My mom figured the neighbors were no help, so she called my dad. Oh, wait, let me back up. She went back into the house and called my dad. He told her to get out of the house and call police. So she did. The dispatcher told her to get in her car, lock the doors and wait for the police to get there.

The first cop pulled up and started to get my mom’s story. He was a K9 cop, so he planned to go in and sweep the house with the dog.

Yeah, my dogs loved that when we came home.

As they were talking, two other police cars raced down the street. She said the dust of our pretty-much dirt road was flying up. The cops jumped out, hands on guns and started to walk around the house. My mom said they told her to go to the neighbor’s house and wait there. They went inside and looked around. Shortly, they returned and asked my mom to walk through the house with them to tell them if anything was out of place.

She said, together, they walked through every room. They opened every closet, cabinet and drawer. They looked under the beds. They asked if anything was displaced. My mom really didn’t know. They asked if we kept alcohol in the house that kids might be interested in stealing. She said we usually didn’t. After scouring the house, checking the yard and making sure everything was secure, the police determined that nothing was amiss. Something must have fallen onto the kid toys in the basement.

This is entirely possible. Our basement isn’t the cleanest. It’s our play area. But after the incident and seeing our basement in a bit of chaos, my mom cleaned that too.

Yes, she’s awesome.

No, no one broke into our house.

All is well. Except it’s Monday and I have to return to work. But don’t worry, I’ll be telling the story of my vacation and giving you a look into our camper soon enough.